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ExperienceWhat are my qualifications for this office?I have lived a majority of my life in Hiawatha. I have done volunteer work with the Library for over 15 years and have a life membership with the Friends of the Hiawatha Library. I lead a project to get Little Free Libraries in the parks in Hiawatha.
I was in Boys State and have studied and researched local government management and have talked to and worked with a number of active and retired Hiawatha council members and mayor
I have wanted to be on the Hiawatha city council since I was in high school. I ran on March 5th 2024 and lost by 3 votes the closest election in Hiawatha history!Background
I grew up in Hiawatha and graduated from Hiawatha Elementary, Kennedy High School and Kirkwood Community College. Growing up, I knew I wanted to own a duplex in Hiawatha. I kept an Excel spreadsheet that list all 3 dozen or so duplexes in town. I moved back to town over 5 years ago, when I was able to purchase my own owner occupied rental duplex. I really like the offerings that the community has. Our quality of life, our parks, our library and our fire and police.
I am a small business owner and do tech consulting work at TechnicallyEasier.com
Kirkwood Community College
Associate of Applied Science AAS
Marketing Management.

What goals or ideas do I have?
I want to keep Hiawatha a great place and build on the success that the city has had in the past.
I will govern based on the 2036 Comprehensive Plan
additionally here are some areas of focus:
All Voices Heard
Community Safety
Increase Housing Density Options

Hiawatha has three precincts and two polling places for voting the locations are:Hiawatha 01
Hiawatha Public Library
150 W. Willman St, Hiawatha
Hiawatha 02 & 03
Hiawatha Community Center Room 101 Emmons St., Hiawatha
Polling places will be open on election day from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.To confirm your polling places click on secretary of state site below.

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Feel free to reach out to me either by email or phone.

Hiawatha, Iowa319-849-8842
[email protected]

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I ran on March 5th 2024 and lost by 3 votes