CJ Flynn

Tech Helper


ExperienceWebsite Tech Support 2022-I currently work at a website development company doing tech support from home.Telecommunications Tech Support 2011-2021I have over 10 years of telecommunications experience working at various ISPs in tech support and customer service roles from tier 1 entry level support to advanced tech support.Focused on first call resolution.It was my discretion on if it was to be escalated to engineering or an internal investigation or if it required a truck roll such as an on-site technician visit. I was recognized for saving more truck rolls and I was able to resolve things remotely more than anyone else on my team.Services and pricing educationI Helped customers understand what services they had and what services would be the best for them to use for the desired outcome. I also help them understand what the base charges were. The prorated charges, the surcharges and fees and any other miscellaneous questions in regards to billing and services that they had.FCC administratorI Was the administrator for the FCC Lifeline program and facilitated high speed broadband internet being more affordable and accessible to those in need.EducationKirkwood Community CollegeAssociate of Applied Science AAS
Marketing Management, Sales Diploma, Entrepreneurship Certificate
2010 - 2013
In 2017 I took a night class at Kirkwood on Network+ CompTIA Certification and learned a lot about different aspects of computer and network device networking.I read a lot of books. Check out a lot of technical websites and have quite a bit of on the job training over the years besides my formal education at Kirkwood.


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